Discover the history of the B_Line.

Changing the way our
city is accessed.

A mile-long street art corridor under a historic train line in Chicago’s Fulton Market meatpacking district, the B_Line is an accessible immersive art experience that began as a quest to resurrect one of Chicago’s most rare displays of public art. Now, the B Line has evolved into an idyllic place for unique individuals to congregate just off the beaten path, in the backyard of the Fulton Market District.

Both a destination and
a journey for our city.

In fully recognizing that it’s the people that make an experience, we take pride in our ability to cultivate a historic community of characters, tastemakers, movers and shakers—creative professionals, students, travelers, neighborhood dwellers, business owners, and entrepreneurs, and everyone else in between—the B Line is truly the shortest route to the heart of Chicago.

We believe the beauty of Chicago’s art community lies in its diversity. We aspire to represent this as best as possible by giving new life to the B_Line each year. Given that goal, our primary considerations are skill, execution, experience, capability, style, diversity, individuality, and context.