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Bacardi's Sound of Rum Sessions on the B_Line

June 21, 2018
Major Lazer and BACARDÍ turned up the heat and celebrated the Summer Solstice in Chicago on June 21st – the longest day of the year – to kick-off the Sound of Rum, a musical movement that blends island-inspired sounds, refreshing rum cocktails and immersive art installations by local artists. To usher in summer on the official first day of the season, BACARDÍ took over the streets of Chicago, transforming them into a Caribbean-inspired part outdoor bar, part street market, part open-air fiesta.
Throughout the evening, guests noshed on delicious island-inspired bites, sipped on refreshing rum cocktails and danced to Sound of Rum rhythms pulsating through the streets. Local “Star-tenders” from The Broken Shaker, Bad Hunter, and more championed the rum by mixing up specialty cocktails all night. The Summer Solstice cocktail, made with BACARDÍ Coconut Rum and pineapple juice, and the Walshy Cooler cocktail, made with BACARDÍ Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum and coconut water served in instagrammable coconuts, were most popular. 
While the “Star-tenders” worked their magic behind the bar, the surrounding event space was ornamented with art installations and murals by artist Felipe Pantone.